Victorinox: My new favorite Chef’s knife

Victorinox – 45520 Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

I had a Wüsthof chef’s knife for the longest time, which was great, but it started to get to the point where my accusharp sharpener wouldn’t get it sharp and it needed professional sharpening. But, being lazy, I instead decided to buy a new chef’s knife. I had heard of Victorinox knives for a long time, known for being affordable but professional quality.

And I gotta say it lives up to its reputation. For only $30 it’s a great knife. Plenty sharp, comfortable in my hand, and holds an edge really well with my accusharp. It’s also larger than my Wüsthof which makes it great for applying leverage and making long cuts. Did I mention it’s only $30? Best purchase in a long time!


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