Oven Roasted French Fries with Coconut Oil

french fries

These oven roasted French fries were a perfect accompaniment to dinner tonight. Though slightly overcooked (whoops!), they turned out wonderfully. Crispy, salty, fatty, crunchy, carb-y – what’s not to like?

Oven Roasted Russet Potatoes

  1. Prep potatoes

    Wash and peel potatoes

  2. Cut potatoes

    Use a Julienne cut to slice your potatoes.

  3. Soak potatoes

    Soak sliced potatoes in bowl of water for 30 minutes to reduce starches

  4. Dry potatoes

    Pat dry with paper towels

  5. Toss potatoes in oil in bowl

    We used coconut, but any oil with a high smoke point could be used.

  6. Season to taste

    Salt and pepper to taste

  7. Lay out potatoes in single layer on pan with parchment/foil

    If using foil make sure to oil to prevent sticking

  8. Preheat oven to 375

  9. Flip potatoes

  10. Heat oven to 425

  11. Cook until desired doneness


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