How to Poach an Egg

poached egg on toast

I think it turned out pretty well – wouldn’t you agree?

How to Poach an Egg

Recipe by Rachel AnneCourse: BreakfastDifficulty: Easy

The perfect poached egg


  • Egg, FRESH

  • Kosher salt

  • Vinegar, 1-2 caps


  • Take a large, fairly deep pan and fill it with 1 inch of water. Heat to the point where it is a steady bubble. Not quite a boil – maybe 200 degrees F.
  • Add a good pinch of salt
  • And 1-2 caps of vinegar. This helps keep the whites together. The amount of vinegar is variable depending on your skill and whether you prefer a messy poached egg.
  • Crack egg (on flat surface) into small cup or bowl. You want to use a fresh egg.
  • Gently slip egg into water
  • Cook to desired doneness. Soft boiled should be 3-5 minutes. Hard boiled a few minutes longer. This requires experimentation. To test for doneness, use a slotted spoon to lift egg out of water. You are looking for the white to be set and the yolk with a film over it. You can wiggle the poached egg to determine doneness. The yolk should jiggle but not TOO much.
  • Once done, lift out of water with slotted spoon and let water drain for a few seconds. Either place directly on toast, etc. or place on paper towel to drain.
  • Enjoy!

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